Protandim and Athletes


It doesn’t matter if you are professional athlete or just a weekend warrior, we all want to improve our performance. A research study conducted by Physiological Genomics shows the role of NRF2 in high endurance athletic activity.
The study discovered that elite endurance athletes such as marathon runners and high endurance athletes were more likely to have higher levels of the NRF2 gene than elite sprinters. Even those that would not be considered elite endurance athletes showed higher NRF2 genetic variations when compared to sprinters, although the difference was not as stark.

Here are some of the benefits of NRF2 and NRF1.
  • NRF2 activated daily it helps to combat cellular stress.*

  • NRF2 helps to regulate survival genes.*

  • NRF2 slows cellular aging by supporting chromosome integrity*

  • NRF2 improves sleep quality and promotes cellular repair*

  • NRF1 increases cellular energy (ATP)*

  • NRF1 improves performance through energy production*

  • NRF1 enhances cellular function at peak performance*

  • NRF1 boosts mitochondria production and their ability to network*

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